Reviews For Advances In Skin & Wound Care Magazine

Been reading this magazine for 20 years

it's a great way to keep in touch with the culture, language and general issues that affect women in Germany

can't wait for the next issue!

This is simply the best woman's magazine I've ever read! And I can say that I've read a lot of them - both in the US and in Germany.
I've read it for over 12 years and I can say that I never got bored with it. I'm still excited about any new issue. The articles always matter and they catch just the right balance between being serious and entertaining. It's for the modern young woman. To name a few subjects: Career, love, sex, family, style&fashion, wellness&beauty, travel reports and interviews - every article going a bit deeper than the usual woman's magazine. There's really something to read for days. And on a side not: There's more articles than ads!

Absolutely worth the money

My German mother LOVES getting this every two weeks. It has become a staple birthday gift. She ends up sharing it with friends, and she enjoys keeping up with issues/trends/news from Germany. Next time we might get the Brigitte Woman, but this has been such a hit that I doubt it.