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American Girl

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Catering specifically to young girls ages 8 to 12, American Girl magazine is an ideal and freshly designed alternative to teen publications. Each issue is filled with colorful pages featuring essential age-specific advice, fictional stories, jokes and contests. You'll also find do-it-yourself activities like puzzles, games, and creativity-inspiring ideas for crafts, parties and projects. American Girl magazine isn't just parent-endorsed; it's girl-approved.

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Customer Reviews

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    Fun, Games, and More!!!

    Two years ago, I decided I wanted to have a sleep over party for my birthday. I wanted to do crafts, play games, and have fun! So I consulted my American Girl magazines, and I fell upon a section with a great sleep-over ideas like games and crafts. I couldn't believe my luck!

    Since I happen to enjoy crafts, this is a great magazine for people like me. The crafts are fun, clever, simple, don't take a lot of materials, and are not that time consuming. They are also great for birthday parties or holiday presents.

    Amelia's Notebook is one section in American Girl. It is realistic stories from the notebook of a fictional character. The stories...

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    The Best Magazine for an American Girl

    I subscribed to this magazine when I was 10 years old, now I am fourteen and I still love it. Most girls my age are only interested in teen magazines with advice on cool clothes, make up and boyfriends, as am I, but American Girl Magazine has just has so many great things in it that I plan on renewing for a long time.

    This magazines contains so much great stuff:
    It has fun stories, real life and fiction, contests, advice, puzzles and games, and fun crafts and ideas on so many things: diferent parties, how to make cute crafts, and yummy food. Also each issue comes with a fun, separate thing, most times a paper doll, but now they have new...

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    An American Goodie

    Just when you thought there wasn't a decent publication left out there for young girls....this magazine came along. My daughter subccribed to this magazine for 4 years. It is a bi-monthly periodical which is often enough due to the content in each advertising. Each issue has various articles about girls (obviously) and their hobbies, crafts, adventures or fashion. There are lots of creative ideas for everything from slumber parties to how to decorate your room...the Letters to the editor are cute also. Each issue also comes with a real photo/paper doll of one of their members. A girl can really build up her paper doll collection with these!

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