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Art & Antiques

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Art and Antiques is the authoritative source for high-end collectors and connoisseurs, who seek information about fine art and antiques collectibles. The most widely read art magazine in the world, Art and Antiques features sophisticated editorial content by world-renowned writers about hot art trends, auction reports, timely news about arts issues and personalities, how-to stories, in-depth features about specific works and artists, and events information.

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Customer Reviews

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    For the Collectors and Connoisseurs In You

    Art & Antiques

    For the Collectors and Connoisseurs In You

    This is a harder review to write since this magazine is different than others, in addition, I am a collector of fine arts therefore leaving room for biases, so I will try to stay away from making any suggestions until I have given the facts and then I will give my view on how good this magazine is. This review is based on previous experience and prior subscription (Based of the April 2001 issue).

    The Cover

    Like most high in specialized magazines that already have customers and their little niche they seem to stay away from the more information the better. It...

    • Rating
    Great Magazine!!!

    Art & Antiques is a wonderful magazine for everyone. It has thorough information on particular antiques and artists. It warns of reproductions being made, so you are a better consumer. I can't wait to read each new edition. Just when you think your getting to know all about antiques , they surprise you with something you didn't know was made or didn't know was collectible or valuable. For the expert or novice, this magazine will inform you and keep you up to date on new trends in the antique field.

    If you can only buy one magazine about antiques and art, this is the one! They are good to collect themselves, as reference guides as well.


    • Rating
    Informative, good format

    Many beautiful pictures. Interesting and informative articles. Updates you on the latest trends in antiques. The ads alone are worth the price. Letters to the editor are always a kick to read through. The biographic reviews on artists and collectors give one insight into them that you would never otherwise have an opportunity to learn. Dates, places and times gives for openings, new galleries, etc. A good magazine for both the beginner and the connoisseur.


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