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Babybug helps kickstart your infant's or toddler's lifelong love of books. The colorful publication, which contains simple rhymes and fanciful stories – is designed for your six-month-old to two-year-old baby. Babybug is fun, and tots and their parents will delight in reading it together.

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Customer Reviews

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    Baby Lit

    Babybug magazine is real literature for babies and their parents. The stories and poems are not only beautifully illustrated, but well written. Quality of writing is important when reading to young children. They won't understand many of the words at first, so good cadence and speech patterns are needed to hold their attention.

    My 19 month old is entering a language explosion. Babybug helps her learn new words, practice old ones, and put learned words into different contexts. She loves to give me the magazine and say "read", "open", "page". The next word is "Kim", because the first story is always about a...

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    Great reading foundation

    I so disagree with the negative review listed above!  I purchased a Babybug subscription for my son's first birthday.  For many months, he bypassed the magazine in favor of board books about trucks, trains, cars and anything that moved.  I just kept bringing it out from time to time, until he eventually got interested and eventually he was hooked.  He loves Kim & Carrots and asks me to read their story again and again.  And of course, he's loved the poems about trucks, bulldozers, dogs and balls  :)

    Babybug is not boring... unless you make it that way.  Every issue is thoughtfully designed around developmentally...

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    An absolute favorite at our house!

    I originally got a year long subscription to Babybug when my older son (now 3 1/2) was about a year old. He absolutely adored it from the first issue. In fact, it was one of the few "books" he would sit still for. When he turned two, I got a Ladybug subscription for him, but I wish I had gotten a second year of Babybug instead. Ladybug should really be for 3 and up (not 2 and up like it suggests). Now we read our old Babybugs to my younger son who is 16 months. They have held up great (a few have been taped because of so much use!) Now that we are reading them again, my older son loves to listen to them too!

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