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Interested in becoming a better bass fisher? Want to know where the top spots are to find the biggest bass? Reel in the most complete coverage with Bassin', the top how-to guide for bass fishing. Whether you are an expert angler or just looking to improve upon your fishing skills, Bassin' provides top-notch instructional pieces, rod and equipment reviews and travel and vacation guides. Your number one source for bass fishing information.

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    This is the best bass fishing magazine I have ever read! It shows graphic details on "where" "when" & "how" to improve your bass fishing abillaties, it also covers in great detail what kinds of bait work best at any given time or place.They also have a contest every year that promotes the biggest bass in each state.Don't forget to check out Doug Hannon's moon phase's.Did you know bass also feed at night? I thought that was strickly for catfishermen, wrong! They have plenty of photo's to prove their tactics work, and boy do they.I recommend this magazine to all bass fisherman or "fisherwoman" beginer or pro. They...

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    Bassin' magazine

    How do they get a picture of a jumping bass on the cover of every issue ? Bassin' is a how-to bass fishing magazine. The main focus is tools, techniques, and tactics.

    Every issue will feature a particular type of lure with detailed articles on how to use it as well as several methods of use. It is full of pictures and showing many examples of different lures. Even without the articles there are so many color ads with pictures that the reader will see new lures, boats, and related products in every issue just by thumbing through it.

    Similar to In-fisherman magazine, they include lakebottom maps showing typical structure that fisherman...

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