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Bmx Plus

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Written for the bicycle motocross, freestyle, dirt jumping & vert riders

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Customer Reviews

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    BMX Plus! is a BMX biker's Must!

    Twenty years ago, I picked up my first issue of "BMX Plus!" magazine, and found it to be on-target with the happenings and the equipment important to a thirteen year old bike enthusiast of the day. The articles featured great products and bikes that were cutting edge technology back in the sport's earliest years, and the photography was fantastic.

    Two decades later, I've returned to my long dormant passion for BMX bicycles, and was very happy to find that BMX Plus! was still on the rack at the corner drug store! I grabbed an issue and was highly impressed with the content and the layout of my old favorite, and have been reading it faithfully for...

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    A Guide and Inspiration

    Itching to get on the road? Love the long haul? Longing for a road trip whilst snow sits? I've traveled vicariously through the winter months with this little gem ... inspired for the road as soon as it smells like Spring. An informative, accessible, and descent guide to the long ride.

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    Nice read.

    The first thing you'll notice, is that this magazine is printed in high quality, glossy paper. Its certainly a fancy magazine.
    If you enjoy reading ride reports, then this is the subscription you are looking for. Most articles can be a little skimpy though, but you still get a great taste of the ride. The photography is generally fantastic.

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