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Bon Appetit

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Bon Appetit is French for "enjoy your meal," and that is exactly what the premise of the magazine is. This publication is one of America's most popular cooking magazines, exploring delicious cuisine from all over the world in every issue. Bon Appetit describes itself as a "food and entertainment magazine," as it also offers editorial content on fine wine, travel, and restaurant ratings. Every recipe in the magazine is accompanied by a beautiful photograph and page layout, which adds an extremely appealing visual aesthetic to the publication. Bon Appetit offers food ideas that span from simple, 30-minute meals to dishes that require more advanced culinary abilities. The magazine also includes regular columns and articles, such as "cooking life," "family style," "menus," and "health wise."

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Bon Appetit - Aids me in my "Great Cook" reputation

    I am one of those people who loves food. I love to cook it and eat it but I also love to read about it and talk about it and serve it to my loved ones. Since I do love food so much, I have a collection of recipes for all occasions but Bon Appetit keeps me finding new ways to cook.

    There are several sections of this magazine that are among my favorites. The first is RSVP - where people ask Bon Appetit to get them the recipes that they have enjoyed in restaurants, etc. I find these recipes to be awfully involved and rarely try them but I must admit to trying one or two over the years and the ones I have tried have been great. Besides, I do like...

    • Rating
    A Vegetarian Learns How to Roast a Cider Basted Turkey

    I don't eat meat; I probably love Bon Appetit, "America's Food and Entertaining Magazine" more than I should. I've had subscriptions to the vegetarian monthlys, like Vegetarian Times, and I own just about every vegetarian cookbook you can imagine. All I know is every time I make dinner for friends and they are raving about what I've cooked and begging me for a recipe, I found it in Bon Appetit.

    I've been taking and saving Bon Appetit magazines since 1988. They are arranged in my kitchen systematically according to month so that when it is February in Ohio and there is barely any edible produce to be found, I can find all the February issues and...

    • Rating
    Something for everyone in this magazine

    I've subscribed to Bon Appetit, off and on, for about 25 years and have seen it grow from an ambitious wanna-be to a full gourmet magazine. In the process, it has gone through a number of editorial changes, each with definite ideas of what makes good cooking (recipes in the 70's called for cake mixes and tinned soups, those in the 80's required readers to hunt internationally for exotic ingredients), but the present editor, William Garry, has a down-to-earth practical style that is very much in step with my own. Reading his monthly editorials is always enjoyable. I like to cook, but I don't like to spend all of my spare time in the kitchen. However,...

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