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Boys' Life

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Boys' Life is the magazine for all boys ages 7-17, and is a great tool in the education and enlightenment of their lives. Includes articles on nature, science, sports and hobbies that cater to the needs and interests of young men everywhere. Engaging and entertaining short fiction and poetry also highlights this outstanding publication.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Mom, is the mail here yet??

    One of the perks for joining our Boy Scout troop was a year's subscription to Boy's Life. Of course since my son has been a scout for six years, it seems like we have always had a few dozen copies of this magazine laying around the house.

    My son loves reading his new magazine each month. They are filled with great information, games and jokes, safety tips, and true stories of boys his own age battling life in one way or another.

    I know this may be a strange thing to like about the magazine, but I would have to include the advertisements. There are ads for candy, shoes, clothing, cereal, kid related websites, and the Air Force.


    • Rating
    The Magazine For The Outdoor Family

    Boys' Life is the one magazine that everyone in my house reads - even my 9 year old daughter. It is the unofficial Boy Scout magazine but there are features for everyone in a family that enjoys the outdoors. We have even started cataloging them in the computer because we found ourselves flipping through stacks of them before a camping trip to decide on some activities to plan at camp.

    Boys' Life has several features in every issue:

    Hitchin Rack- Hitchin Rack is a question and answer section where kids can send in questions to Pedro the Mailburro.

    Think & Grin- Think & Grin is a section of jokes, riddles and brain twisters...

    • Rating
    Excellent Reading for A Boy's Lifetime

    The Boys' Life magazine had been around longer that I have. It's great reading for any boy no matter how old. I'm 50 and I still read it. I'm a Scout Leader and have been one for almost 30 years. Every Scout in our Troop gets Boys' Life and so does every leader. We should read the same information as the boys read so we're consistent in what we say and what they read.

    The magazine is filled with useful and fun information. There are stories about other Scouts, hints on crafts, stamp collecting, model building, cooking, hiking, map and compass, and much much more. These articles do lean to the Boy Scout but they can be of informative...

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