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Car Craft

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If your idea of a great day is getting down and working on your classic hot-rod, then Car Craft magazine can help you make the most of your time and efforts. Each issue comes filled with instructionals and hands-on expert advice on how to fix up all kinds of vehicles, ranging from the newest in strip and street rods to classic musclecars from the 1940's! Save your issues and use them for future resources.

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Customer Reviews

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    Magazine for the real world auto enthusiast

    I have been reading automotive magazines as long as I can remember. I have probably read every single one of them at one time or another. A few years ago I bought a Car Craft for the first time. I absolutely loved it! The first thing I saw was a "Reader's Ride" car with the title "BONDO Bucket Beater." I was amazed that a car magazine would actually put a car with BONDO on it in its pages! From then on, I was a Car Craft guy. This magazine is for guys who are interested in performance more than looks. You would never see a car decked out in chrome with some wimpy engine in it. Car Craft is a magazine that will print what they want. The...

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    Best Magazine around!

    I buy Car Craft because it is the best real persons magazine for hot rodding cars of all types on a budget. Compared to Hot Rod this magazine you can relate more too. Hot Rod is way to technical and you need gobs of money to do the things they do. I like to read every article especially things that related to cars I have. I find there is no competing magazine with Car Craft because Hot Rod is in another category. I'll admit I buy both but I enjoy reading Car Craft a lot. I wish they came out every week. I highly recommend Car Craft!



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    Definitely useful

    Out of all the car magazines that have the high-dollar projects in them that most of us can't afford, this one tells you how the average Joe can have some fun without going broke. It's nice to see the expensive modern hi-tech stuff or the immaculate waxed-frame restorations, but if you've got a daily driver that you feel like adding some pep to, or your older car is starting to wear, they'll tell you how to get it done without unnecessary frills or hassles. It does cover all American cars, but it leans toward GMs mostly. If you want to find a reason to keep that 78 Malibu that's been demoted to driveway duty, or find out what's available for that 71...

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