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Presents American history in a fresh way and introduces readers to the fascinating events and characters of America's past. Includes articles historical photographs, activities, games and more. Ages 9-14

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Customer Reviews

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    AWESOME magazine

    I subscribed to this magazine for my son three years ago... when he was in the third grade. It is packed full of great information about the particular topic it covers. Each issue is devoted to one particular topic, and we (yes "we") look forward to each and every issue. It is easy to read, but also quite comprehensive. It is a great jumping off point for studying more into a particular topic in history, or as a reference. If you subscribe, make room on your shelves... because you will NOT throw these away. You will want to keep them forever!

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    much needed history resource for kids

    Cobblestone Magazine is advertised for grades four through nine. It's all about American history. Because there are so many controversial and delicate topics covered, I would encourage parents to think carefully about whether a younger child is prepared to read and discuss Cobblestone articles. Gifted readers under eight who may be fine with the vocabulary and serious tone of the articles may be too sensitive to be exposed to the often dark content. Recent sample issues covered D-day and the Allied invasion of Normandy, Ken Burns and his documentary on World War II, and John F. Kennedy.

    The D-Day issue includes a photo of a fallen soldier and...

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    Educational Magazine With Entertaining Format for Youth

    This is a magazine for youth ages 9-14 years-old (grades 4-8) whose sole focus is American history. Each issue concentrates on a different time period (e.g., The Great Depression), or a historical event (e.g., the bombing of Pearl Harbor) or a famous historical personage (e.g., Henry Ford) of which it provides in-depth coverage throughout its pages, making use of descriptive articles, real stories, photographs (both historical and modern) and colorful illustrations.

    The publisher boasts that each issue is created "with input from noted historians, museum curators, and leading children's authors." Additionally, the publisher's website maintains...

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