Reviews For Collector's Crosswords Magazine

Best Puzzle Mag I've Found

I consider myself an above average crossworder and I love these puzzles....hard, but not impossible. There isn't really a difficulty level assigned to groups of puzzles like in other magazines. The puzzles in the front of the book are a little easier than the last few pages, but
the change between is subtle. This might not be for someone completely new to crosswords, but the only way to improve is to challenge yourself.

One finally note....there are 120 full size crosswords in this book. Unless you do puzzles ALL the time, you'll have a hard time finishing a book before the next one is delivered.

love crosswords

My wife and I have used this book for several years. Difficulty varies in a narrow range for acomplished crossworders not up to the NY Times or LA Times level. More than 100 large crosswords per issue.