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Dog World

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Whether yours is a show dog or a lovable mutt, the Dog World, America's oldest all-breed dog magazine, is for you. Experts offer informative advice on health, breeding and genetics, nutrition and grooming. All of which show off your best friend or just to keep him or her in great condition.

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Customer Reviews

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    What I thought

    This magazine seems like a great one for dog and animal lovers. It is well organized and shows some wonderful pictures. Dog world offers tips on several aspects dealing with the life of your dog ranging from health tips to tips on its training. This is a great magazine for the dog enthusiast and I highly recommend it to any dog lover. If you are interested in pet products, some useful ones are also listed in this magazine. With the wide range of information listed in the pages of Dog World, you can go wrong by subscribing to it now.


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    All You Need to Know

    You know, before I found this magazine, I never knew where to turn for help with the family dog. A purebred Maltese, most pet shop owners couldn't tell me anything at all, since Maltese's are not that common. So I decided to try some magazines. After looking through countless magazine's at the local bookstore, I found Dog World, the best magazine imaginable for purebred dogs, or even not purebred dogs. Dog World gives you all of the information you could ever hope for, and then some. It tells you exactly what kind of care you need to give your dog. The best shampoos to buy, the best food, you name it. For those of you who need a little help caring for your...

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    Really Great Magazine

    I really think this is a good magazine for dog owners and fanciers alike. It is very informative and has a lot of good articles, etc. It is definetly one of the top 5 best dog magazines that I have seen out!

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