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If your dog is a focal point in your life, then Dogster is the magazine that can help you achieve a greater appreciation for that lovable pet. Great tips on grooming and health care, plus regular features about dog lovers and breeders, and, of course, the dogs themselves, give Dogster a warm, lovable read, just like the pets the magazine covers.

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Customer Reviews

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    Informative Magazine for Dog Lovers

    To start with, I must confide that I am a "horse" person. I could not survive without my equines. However, I also have a soft spot for dogs (and all the world's innocent creatures). The first time I actually saw a copy of Dog Fancy was when the mailman mistakenly placed my neighbor's copy in my mailbox. The cute pooch on the cover caught my eye, and I confess that I read the whole thing before turning it back over to my neighbor! I know, I am very bad. But I actually enjoyed the magazine enough to order my own subscription.

    The magazine offers a variety of subject matter, including true life stories, breed profiles, dog health articles,...

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    Dog Fancy is great for every pet owner whether they compete in events or stay on the couch.

    I have subscribed to Dog Fancy Magazine for at least ten years and I've found it very information for every pet owner. I publish a newsletter for the local Doberman Pinscher club in St. Louis, MO, and I've found a great deal of information that is helpful for our club members. Most pet magazines do not have articles that are as informative as this one does on it's subjects. Dog Fancy also has many helpful hints for pet owners especially reminders about cold and hot weather, holiday party hints, etc.
    I feel a good magazine that reaches many pet owners should help it's readers become the best pet owners they can be. Being a good pet owning neighbor...

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    Mutt and Jeff

    While our dogs' names are not Mutt and Jeff, we do have a few mutts and a few pedigreed dogs. One of the great things about Dog Fancy is that each month they concentrate on a particular breed of dog. If you are in the market for a new pooch, you will have a "birds-eye view" of many of the great/popular breeds and some of the rare ones.

    We have Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, an Italian Greyhound named Whizzer (yes he does), an English Toy Spaniel named Lovey and a mutt called Mutley. So, we take the dog business very seriously! We are sort of experts in the dog area.

    We have found this publication to be concise, educational, entertaining...

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