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European Car

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Are you passionate about European Cars? Do high end and sleek automobiles start your engine running? European Car magazine features everything you want to know about the best in several European makes: VW, Porsche, Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW & more. Reading every issue is sure to make your motor purr!

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Customer Reviews

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    What R You People Talking Bout?

    Ive been receiving this magazine for over 2 years and its great i dont know why everyone is saying its horrible, they cover EUROPEAN cars yes Germany is part of EUROPE! lol seriously this is a great magazine for car enthusiast that loves fast cars coming from the EURO sportscar world....

    • Rating
    fun to read

    You can tell the editors are enjoying themselves writing about the cars and culture they love, and this makes for a fun read. You won't find tired cliches that seem to run rampant in other, larger auto magazines, like "an over-eager right foot." Lots of cool and highly customized cars to dream about, and plenty of useful features for enthusiasts on a budget.

    • Rating
    Good Magazine.

    Good mag, but not great like Automobile magazine. A little rah-rah for my tastes, but does a good job covering some excellent European cars.

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