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Fit Pregnancy

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There is nothing more important to a couple expecting a new baby than the issues of health. Fit Pregnancy is the only magazine dedicated to the health and fitness of the pregnant and postpartum woman and her newborn before, during and after pregnancy. Issues deliver safe workouts, nutrition guidance, meal plans, the latest medical news and reviews of new baby gear. The whole nine yards for the whole nine months.

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Customer Reviews

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    Awesome magazine for expectant moms!

    This mag was a godsend through my pregnancy and I still read it. It gave me lots of informative articles and advice on all the different things I was going through. I saved the magazines and I still buy them when they come out because they are great for those first couple months postpartum as well. I especially like recipe and exercise sections. It helped me to be healthier during my pregnancy.

    There should be more issues though! I am sure you can make a monthly mag out of the subject of pregnancy! Even if some articles or subjects are repeated, they can be helpful to a whole new slew of expectant mommies!


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    Yeah!!! A Great Magazine for us First Time Moms to be

    This magazine covers every topic from fitness during pregnancy to product rating. I was able to sit down and read it cover to cover. As a woman going through pregnancy for the first time I'm confronted with many books with a great deal of information to absorb. I found this magazine covered topics in just enough detail to be helpful without being burdensome.

    The first issue I purchased had a pull out product review for products for the new baby. I have it pulled out and will be using it to help me make selections as the time draws near.

    I can't wait for the next issue to come out. Unfortunately this magazine only is published every 3...

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    This is a magazine that I look forward to receiving with anticipation. Just when you are feeling frustrated by your body constantly changing a magazine offers realistic approaches to stay in shape and accept these changes. There are also lots of great advertisements and references for shopping for the many new products you will be needing as a new parent. This magazine is great for people who exercised before becoming pregnant as well as those looking to start in order to have a healthy pregnancy. I have not found a magazine that I can enjoy more during my pregnancy! It is also great because it is for you and your body now, not the baby or the million...

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