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Fly Tyer

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Fly Tyer is a publication edited exclusively for the avid fly tyer at all skill levels. Articles, columns and departments are designed to provide practical tips and techniques. Detailed step-by-step recipes and photographs in an understandable and easy-to-read format make it an invaluable magazine.

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Customer Reviews

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    The Ultimate Fly-Tying Magazine!

    This magazine is the best! I bought my first copy when I had just started tying flies, and now I'm hooked! The articles are very interesting to both the new and expert tyer. They also give you all sorts of new tying ideas. Along with new ideas you are shown step-by-step with color pictures. You could only get better instruction if you were standing there watching!

    Usually I don't really like all the advertisement pages in magazines, but in Fly Tyer it's different. I'm always searching for new companies to buy supplies from and this magazine has some very unique companies listed. There's not an overly abundant amount, either. I would say that the...

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    Tying Flies? This is a must!

    Fly Tyer magazine is a must for all fly tier?s from novice too professional. I purchased my first copy as a novice looking for instruction. I was immediately impressed with my find. I found in each volume many and diversified fly patterns. Each pattern had easy to follow directions, and most have pictures of each step. Along with each pattern is a descriptive article on fishing the pattern most effectively. While the magazine features popular patterns it also includes innovative and unusual flies. One article featured beetle patterns tied from sunflower seed shells. I have not found any other magazine that compares for the wealth of fly tying information...

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    Fly Tyers Dream Magazine

    My husband ties flies for a hobby, as gifts for friends and family and to keep busy during long dark winter nights when all you can do about fishing is dream about it. This magazine is an excellent source of articles on fly fishing, new and old time patterns, and tips on equipment. He saves every copy and peruses them over and over. The covers are so nice we have even framed a few. The yearly subscription is reasonable although he would probably be happy if they came out with six copies per year instead of four.


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