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Four Wheeler

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Get into gear and roll away with Four Wheeler magazine. Whether you are a long-time enthusiast or a new truck owner, each full color issue will help you get the most from your 4x4 experience. Get complete coverage of 4x4 vehicles, key advice from the experts, updates on the best equipment and off road adventures. Road tests, performance ratings and head-to-head comparisons of all the latest makes and models make Four Wheeler a super read.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Best 4X4 Mag

    This is a wonderful 4X4 magazine. It is full of information on everything. They have specs on new SUV's and trucks when they come out and rate the new vehicles. They have tons of tips in every issue on good ways to modify your four wheeler. They have a list of events in all regions, so you'll know about the trail contests in your area. They have tons of awesome trail pictures, for those of you that are visually oriented. They have a lot of product reviews on everything you could imagine and lists of dealers and off-road websites. They cover all major off-roading events in the magazine and there is an endless amount of info in them. I would subscribe...

    • Rating
    SWEET@$$ mag

    This mag is sweet! It's got info. on every 4x4 out there, and more. It makes comparisons, guides you, and makes you a smarter off roader. It's filled with pages of items you can sup your 4x4 up with and is an exciting mag. This mag will pull you in all the way up to the last page! It helped me: pick my 4x4, sup it up, and have a he11 of a time riding it! Theres only one draw back it only come once a month it should come every week it so good! For everyone who gets a thrill out of reading a thrill-filled mag. A+++!!!


    Primary Reason for Buying:...

    • Rating
    #1 4 Wheeling Magazine

    This is by far the best off road mag out there, and I have read them all, many times. I still read all the others, but this is my favorite. There is just way more info to it than any others. More technical articles, more feature trucks, more event articles, just more.

    I have subscribed to this magazine for about 4 years now, and I love it. The tips in here are very useful for getting your rig in shape, and most of them are tips on ways to do it for free or close to it. That's the kind of stuff I can afford.

    I still like to read all off road magazines, but this is the only one worth my subscription money. Very good magazine.


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