Reviews For Guns Magazine

Guns Rules

Guns is a great magazine. I really look forwards to reading it every month when it comes in the mail. If you are interested in buying a gun or you already have a gun I suggest that you subscribe to this magazine. It keeps you informed on the top issues facing gun owners like bills coming up in the legislation that would make you have to register your gun. Which goes against your second amendment right to own guns. I think this magazine is completely worth the money. But Please remember guns are not about violence, they are about having a safe fun time.


Guns - #3

Of the major gun magazines of a general nature, I'd have to say "Guns" is probably #3. The articles, although well written, are somewhat basic. For a novice or beginner, this is fine. For those with more advanced tastes and more in depth knowledge, it's a bit too little.
The articles are usually timely, showcasing what's new and different. They are well written and the authors are very knowledgeable of the subject. One drawback though, is that a lot of the information seems to come from the manufacturer's booklets. A little more first hand information would be better.
The photography is excellent. Good layouts and color.
I would like to see the winner's announced in the monthly contest though. One wonders-----?
I still buy it and sometimes subscribe, when I can get the cut rate subscriptions.