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High Times

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Specializes in news of the counterculture, growing techniques & the movement for legalizing marijuana

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Customer Reviews

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    *** At the forefront of Courage and Information ***

    No other magazine has been spreading the word as long as this one has in the face of a government sponsored terrorist movement.
    Prohibition has never worked and never will.
    ## People will look back in a 100 years and wonder why people allowed the truth about marijuana be allowed to be denied for so long. ##
    If you want to learn how to grow pot buy some of the books that are advertised in this magazine.
    If you want to stay up to date on the latest grow tactics then buy it.
    ** Face it, would you rather face a bunch of drunks in an alley or a bunch of pot heads stoned? **
    When you consider how Washington and Jefferson used...

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