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Every region of the country has different gardening needs, from the arid dessert of Arizona to the swampy everglades of Florida. Horticulture Magazine takes you inside the best gardens and shows you how to improve your garden, regardless of where you live.

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Customer Reviews

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    Here is another nifty mag I pilfer at work - again, strictly in the interest of knowledge! As opposed to Fine Gardening, Hort offers information on what's hot and what's not. They too have a very informative Q&A section.

    Hort is usually dedicated to the new plants and ideas available for the season. They offer informative descriptions of the plant and all related subspecies as well as planting and maintenance guides. They also offer a large section showing upcoming garden and nursery tours, both stateside and overseas.

    Their articles are mainly focused on the how-to and why-to whereas Fine Gardening is more personal. I love the combination...

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    Subscribing to Horticulture since I was 12

    I have subscribed to HORTICULTURE magazine since I was around 12 years old. I believe that the original subscription came in my dad's name, as he was the one who had written the check. The magazine continued to arrive at my parents' house as I was in college. And then as followed me through two different moves. There was a brief skirmish with a double subscription followed by a lack of delivery at all, but now I still look forward to seeing it in the mail.

    I have seen different cover styles, different editorial changes and other cosmetic touches, but one thing has remain the same. It is still a tool for the avid gardener. There is nothing worse...

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    Are you a gardening dummy?

    Last year was the first year, I attempted to grow a flower garden. I must admit it did look very pretty and I had lots of nice colored flowers. Only I wish someone had told me that your suppost to space out your perennials. It is now spring and I have flowers on top of flowers and they are growing quite fast by the time summer comes I am going to have to get rid of some and move them or give some to family and friends.

    I found Horticulture Magazine this year and I sure wish I had it last year before I attempted my gardening. This magazine is loaded with information for gardening dummies like me.

    The magazine helps you with gardening tips....

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