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Hot Rod

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Think back to the time of drag racing and hot rodding on a Saturday night. Recapture that spirit with Hot Rod, America's leading hot rod magazine. Each issue focuses on high performance and personalized hot rods and muscle cars. In-depth profiles on the top hot rod makers, instructional pieces that help you to modify and improve your existing hot rod and reviews of the top new equipment give you all the fuel you need to ride off and burn rubber!

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    A mechanic's magazine

    My husband is a mechanic, so this magazine is a definate at our house. My husband can sit down and read and look through the same magazine more than once. He never gets tired of reading hot rod.

    It tells you about up coming cars that are getting ready to be released, and gives you a first look at them, in side and out. It also goes back to the older hot rods which are just as interesting if not better than the new ones.

    It also gives detailed step by step instructions on how do to just about anything. From something as easy as putting a battery in to, putting in a nitrous system. The pictures are awesome. They show the before and afters, and...

    • Rating
    Excellent for the HOT Rodder............

    I have subscribed to this magazine for a long time. This is the best magazine for those weekend warriors or the long time, 24/7 automotive men. The magazine has the most awesome car pictures avaliable and show them in detail as well as articles about the cars. The magazine show you tricks and tips from the technician's who build their rodders and how they can customize them. This magazine helped me out, because me uncle and I was working on a 1950 Ford Panel Truck and we were adding a few additions to the fenders, as in lowering the fender's by adding sheet metal and MIG welding it together. We were not for sure how to this, until I seen this magazines...

    • Rating
    hot rod surpasses car craft

    hot rod has and always been the best car modification magazine out there. every month it is packed with criptic muscle cars from all over the country. hot rod also rewards the skill and work put into various automobiles made by people working out of their garage. it is a great publication. i always enjoy the articles about muscle cars, vintage American autos and new mods. i hope to continue to subscribe to this magazine for years to come. some people might like car craft for some reason yet to be proven by scientists and hot rod owners all over the world but i will always enjoy and recommend hot rod.


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