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Juxtapoz magazine presents a gallery of underground artists who influence much of fashion, graphics, and new art we see today.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Art With an Edge

    I teach AP History of Art which is a survey course. It's hard to cover the entirety of the history of visual representation in two short semesters, but I try.

    Art History, like World History is very fast-paced. To cover so much in a year we have to go a "mile wide and an inch deep."

    Our text is immense and laborious to read. I try to find magazines and articles that will cover some of our material in a more palatable way. If you've ever taken Art History you know what I mean.

    I ordered a subscription to Juxtapoz without knowing anything about the magazine other than it looked at contemporary art. By contemporary, I mean cutting...

    • Rating
    For Those Who Don't Hate Art!

    If you are a fan of art in any way then you will probably find soimething aesthetically appealing in this magazine..month after month. The broad range of artwork displayed by this magazine is incredible. While a majority is modern art, the featured artists styles are always spread across the spectrum of art. The writing is witty and informative giving both fact and opinion. Artist from Robert Williams to the San Francisco graffitti artist Twist are featured regularly. They have the coolest T-shirts and posters for sale and if you give this magazine a chance, you will want to order something. There is only one place to see the other side of art, the...

    • Rating
    The new movement in art

    Juxtapoz is the magazine for people who think fine art is too flaky or pretentious. The new movement of lowbrow, nobrow and folk art comes together in this publication by lowbrow art guru Robert Williams. These are the artists who are talented enough to hold their own in any gallery but too offbeat to be showcased in the mainstream. When something slips through the cracks of the artistic community in ends up in Art Juxtapoz magazine. Unlike anything you've ever seen! I will warn you it covers such a large variety of artists you may not like EVERYTHING you see, but your bound to like some if not most of it. Juxtapoz does for art magazines what the "Blair...

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