Reviews For Kids Discover Magazine

Get it from your local library!!

I have been searching for a good magazine for my kids, and this is by far the best I have seen. The articles are in depth, and the pictures and photos are very high quality. Best of all - there is no ads to confuse your kids!! Since I read so many bad billing reviews about this magazine, I decided to get it from my local library. Again, this is a GREAT magazine you don't want your kids to miss!!

Excellent resource for young and old.

Beautifully done, Kids Discover issues are packed with information on one specific subject (ie: volcanoes, the Civil War...). My daughter is 8 and a good student. She uses these magazines as reference texts more than as casual reading material. I think these magazines would be enjoyed most by parents and students between the ages of 10 to 14.

Great alternative to National Geograpic Kids magazine!

If you're tired of the ads in NG Kids, check out Kids Discover! It's full of great articles, instead of commercials. This content rich magazine is a favorite in our house.

What a wonderful magazine!

For anyone looking for an educational magazine for their child or children, this is it! Each month is a different subject ranging from Mountains to Theodore Roosevelt to Money to Ancient Egypt to Germs. There seems to be a Kids Discover for everything. The first seventeen pages consist of full color photos and drawings and a paragraph or two about each. The final two contain a project or two, some questions about the material and additional literature on the subject.

I have certainly enjoyed receiving this magazine for the last nine years! I've been getting it since I could read and I still do and every month I learn something new. I love all the pictures and the way it's laid out makes it very easy to take in the information. A couple of paragraphs about every aspect of whatever the subject and pictures galore give you a nice taste, and then if you wish to learn more read one of the suggested books.

A truly wonderful learning tool.

Very good educational magazine

I ordered this magazne when my daughter was between 8-11. The whole family enjoyed the informative issues. My daughter is in high school now, so we no longer get the magazine. When my 2 young kids are around 8 or so, I can't wait to order the magazine again. Detailed photos along with the articles make it very attractive to students. I never had any billing issues and highly recommend this magazine.

An Informative Magazine With Great Visual Design -- For Kids

We ordered this mag sight unseen 2 years ago and have renewed since. It is thin but is packed with quality information and not ads. My husband and I like that each issue has a different theme that is so varied month-to-month. Content is not text alone. Photos, charts, and graphic timelines really make the information easy to enjoy. One month might be all about the "Solar System" or the human "Brain" and then a new issue focuses on a historical theme like "Ancient Persia." My older child, who has no interest in Disney princesses was wowed by the most recent issue titled "Kings & Queens." We read them ourselves for a quick review and keep them on the bookshelf for future reference.

terrific magazine that isn't just "sound bytes"

My six year old son really gets into Kids Discover. He gets excited over the arrival of the magazine and he instantly becomes interested in the subject of that issue. We pore through every article, and we both really do learn something substantial about the subject of the issue. The photographs are stunning, and a wealth of enlightening and interesting information is included. Yes, the magazine is "thin" in terms of pages, but it also isn't full of the advertising and other "junk" filler that one sees in National Geographic Kids (that magazine is a huge disappointment, one that we will not be reordering for next year). We will continue to order Kids Discover also because it goes in-depth into a single topic at a time, doesn't bounce from one little bit of info on a subject to much of what our kids get in terms of inputs are short little bits and bytes -- in school, on TV, and even in kids magazines. There is this assumption out there that children only have a very short attention span, but I beg to differ...give them interesting content that goes in depth, and see how well and long you can hold their attention! So, really, thumbs up for Kids Discover.


This publication is consistently well presented with excellent content. I am struck by the amount of reviewers complaining about the magazines being too thin or pricey--it is thin because it doesn't contain ads trying to manipulate kids, and pricey because they apparently aren't making money selling ads space. Thank goodness for that! This magazine contains nothing but intelligent, interesting material for kids and the whole family. Worth every penny...I highly recommend.

Kids Discover is GREAT!

This magazine is fantastic! Each topic is addressed with facts, photos and illustrations that introduce and intrigue readers of every age. Common facts are balanced with uncommonly known bits of trivia and cute animated characters that grab attention and get readers to ask more questions. I use it with my children and grandchildren (we learned about volcanos and made some last week), and as stimulus topics for training interpreters and educators of the deaf. The issue about the Great Wall of China arrived just before the Olympics this year, so we had some background information before watching. One of my favorites is the one about the Brain. Each edition is fascinating of itself, and gives enough teasers to lead readers to want to learn even more.

Beautiful and educational magazine

Mi children love this magazine and it has helped them learn a lot about various topics. It is clearly written and the illustrations are great. Another plus is that it has no advertising. We especially enjoyed the one about nutrition and bugs.