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Mens Health Magazine

#12 Bestselling Magazine In United Kingdom
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Men's Health, the world's largest men's magazine, is an essential read for individuals who want to look, feel and live better. Professionals and experts from diverse fields of psychology, fitness, fashion and health team up with journalists to give you interesting features on the issues that matter most to men of all ages. Men's Health is loaded with complete instructions for mastering the world's greatest exercises and trusted, informative tips on how to cook healthier. You'll find advice on careers and lifestyle along with fashion tips and easy-to-make recipes that will inspire you to live better. Weight loss advice comes in the form of articles like "Eat This, Not That!" and tips on how to transform traditional recipes into power-packed, healthy meals. With research-based articles filed into sections including "Health," "Sex & Relationships," "Nutrition," "Fitness," and "Guy Knowledge," Men's Health is your go-to guide for all of your important questions and concerns.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    A positive influence

    I like Men's Health a lot, because it is one of the most practical, useful magazines I get. It covers fitness, diet, health (it is very big on prevention and self-diagnosis early, so as to avoid major health problems later), fashion (good stuff, trendy and basic, not latest-from-Paris kinds of stuff), relationships (carefully sneaked into a magazine that looks like it isn't about relationships -- clever, because men don't read magazines about relationship tips), finance, and other topics that come up. There are brief articles on each of these (this is the magazine I read while standing over the kitchen sink eating breakfast -- articles tend to be brief...

    • Rating
    Be a man

    If you're looking for a men's magazine that will help to keep you informed on fitness, weight loss, nutrition, sex and style - then this is a magazine you will have an interest in.

    The layout is simple, with the most important information highlighted to draw your attention. I have found this magazine to be extremely helpful in keeping myself fit. I find an abundance of useful material each week and there is always a recipe or something that I find myself trying out with each issue. Great stuff.

    • Rating
    The most entertaining and useful Men's Health magazine

    I eagerly look forward to every new issue of Men's Health. This magazine has it all. It's colorful, makes me laugh and almost always has something interesting to say-whether it's about women, fitness, careers and yes even men's fashion (gulp). The articles are not dry at all. In fact, they are quite unique, humorous and unpretentious (unlike a magazine that comes to mind starting with the letters GQ). And unlike most men's magazines, this one is for men of all ages.

    You may not end up looking like the guy on the front cover, but if there is any magazine that can motivate you to look and feel better, this one can.

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