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Mental Floss

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Mental Floss is your cheat sheet to a complete education. Let's face it, we all want to feel smart. We all want to feel well educated. But, we need someone to make learning simple. That's where Mental Floss steps in.

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Customer Reviews

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    The Best Thing In My Mailbox!

    I have subscribed to "Mental Floss" from the very beginning, and now look forward to each new issue anxiously. Founded just a couple of years ago by two former college roommates who wanted a fun, hip, urbane magazine to make them smarter with style, "Mental Floss" has become a huge success, and is one of the few new magazines that debut each year that is actually prospering.

    Each issue is loaded with information on interesting topics, from how common (or very uncommon) things work, to odd and unknown histories and biographies that you will not find anywhere else (and if you did, certainly not in as condensed and succinct a form as...

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    Quick mental jolts to keep your brain entertained

    There are magazines you read for specific how-to texts, like how to fix your kitchen sink. There are magazines you read to stay up to date with the latest news in the world, your field, or a given region. Then there are magazines like Mental_Floss, which is more like a "News of the Weird" magazine version release. These aren't brain puzzles to improve your memory a la Brain Age. They aren't research pieces that will test or challenge your mental ability. Instead, they are quirky factoids.

    What is yelling "Geronimo" all about? Just what is a "Vegemite Sandwich"? There are all sorts of odd things covered here. Sometimes they touch on science,...

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    This is one of the most original, intelligent and stimulating magazines out there in an industry that seems to thrive on rehashing the same old same old. You'll learn fascinating new facts, be faced with stimulating ideas...all for the price of a few dollars. Concise and witty, it sure beats those droning college textbooks.

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