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Older women who can't relate to most young-and-trendy fashion and lifestyle magazines now have a publication that speaks to their concerns about health, beauty, relationships, finances, travel and looking good over 40. More, which is owned by the well-established Ladies' Home Journal, will help you make the most of your middle years with style.

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Customer Reviews

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    More for Me (and I'm under 40)

    As the undisputed magazine queen of New York City (seriously,
    I buy a lot of magazines), I'm always on the lookout for
    intelligent, appealing mags to add to my train-time collection.
    So when More appeared on the newsstand, I immediately grabbed
    a copy, only to recoil when I saw its focus was on women over

    Too old for me, I thought, I still read Mademoiselle and Glamour.
    I still try those positions they recommend in Cosmo. However, I
    had to admit that lately (like for the past few years), I'd
    been increasingly bored with the younger magazines, and was
    tired of all the articles on how to look like a crazed and

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    An excellent magazine!

    I subscribed to this magazine right after I read the first issue. If you are over 40, MORE will totally thrill you. In this youth-oriented culture that we live in, it's wonderful to read articles and stories about women like me (over 40 and fine with it!) Several months ago, the issue featuring Cheryl Tiegs was on my desk at work. A male friend of mine walked by and could NOT take his eyes off of her! He had an idea of how old she was and was totally fascinated by the fact that she looked so good. True, most women over 40 are never going to look as good as Cheryl or Rene Russo or Cybill Shepherd. But just to know that you COULD if you really wanted...

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    enjoying "more" & "more"

    i have found "more" to be not only informative but direct & to the point. unlike many other publications "more" says things quickly & simply.

    one of the "columns" i enjoy is "four women one outfit." it is interesting & informative to see how 4 women of different age & different backgrounds wear & perceive the same clothing. i am a 55 year old woman. i have worked for 38 years & in the fashion industry. it has been a challenge being "young of heart & attitude" while the body has a different mind-set. this particular "column" really offers a lot of ideas.


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