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If you are looking for the complete motorcycling publication, then get on board with Motorcyclist. Each monthly issue covers every aspect of motorcycle touring, street riding and sport pavement riding. Regular features include road tests, hot-to articles, project bike build-ups, personality profiles, product evaluations and world-wide racing coverage. For both the hard-core enthusiast and casual fan.

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Customer Reviews

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    A Must Have Mag

    Paparider reads this Mag cover to cover every month (then I do). Then they sit around in the bathroom for "lite" reading till I get weary of them and file them away. A must have read for all bike enthusisits.

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    hamburger helper

    Motorcyclist is a mainstay in the motorcycle magazine world, a place where cycle novices like this reviewer can begin to get a monthly diet of news, mechanics, advertisements, reviews, and cycle talk.

    The format is busy, with very narrow margins. Think the opposite of those luxury goods magazines that seem bent on calming your mind. MOTORCYCLIST wants to rev it up, or better yet, place it in a helmet and roughly equidistant between the two ends of a handlebar.

    The magazine pays fair attention to racing and racing cycles, then moves on to street bikes and eventually to the cruisers that most interest this middle-aged fat boy of...

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    Aimlessly Adrift...

    When Mitch Boehm left, and Brian Catterson took top spot, this magazine went into a tailspin. Despite several retorts that it didn't turn into a Ducati infomercial, the evidence is overwhelming to the contrary. The writing went downhill, the perspective of what motorcycling means to a wider audience, and the circumspect approach to all owners flew out the window. I used to tell people Motorcyclist was the best. Not anymore. Do yourself a favor and get Cycle World. The writing is better, the experts are more credible, the articles are more intelligent, and they cover ALL the bikes. Rider is improving with each issue, having also surpassed Motorcyclist in...

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