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Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

New journal for developers, incorporating Microsoft Internet Developer and Microsoft Systems Journal. The new magazine will have more articles than either of its precursors to provide its readers a broader spectrum of information that programmers need today.

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Customer Reviews

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    Required Reading for any MS Developer

    Great magazine. Covers the full range of .NET technologies. Every issue is packed with windows, web, and xml development articles plus industry news and a lot more. High recomended.

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    Great for all Microsoft developers -- Even better for emerging platforms

    I have subscribed to MSDN Magazine for years now, and it really is quite good. Unlike most Microsoft publications, it is not "sales-pitchy" in that the articles are usually applicable to resolving common development issues, and there is very little subliminal verbiage geared toward buying other MS products that you don't need.

    One thing to note is that they are very big on emerging technologies. This has its pros and cons...for example, they had tons of Visual Studio 2005 articles well before it was released, so it's nice to know how to use what's coming down the pike. And now (Sept 2007), there are a lot of Orcas (VS 2008) articles.

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    Microsoft's MSDN

    This magazine is a comprehensive resource for Windows developers. Each issue gives a look at the highlights of the latest technologies in programming. Overall, it does an excellent job of explaining Microsoft programming technologies.

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