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Muscle & Fitness

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

New consciousness of physical fitness to the serious exercise and athletic training enthusiast.

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Customer Reviews

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    Exactly what it says it is about 'Muscle' & 'Fitness'

    I have subscribed to this magazine for three years and can say without a doubt, this delivers exactly what I expect - well organized and readable workout nutrition and supplementation articles supported by the latest research. I think too many people expect this magazine to be more than that - it's not and that is why I love it! They never stray from their core goal of providing great programs to help build your body.

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    Great idea for gifts!

    This was a Christmas present for my 20 yr. old son who really likes to work out. He was so surprised and happy to get a year subscription. Magazines are a gift that they get all year so it's a great present.

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    "One Stop Shopping" for everything workouts and nutrition!

    Stop spending any more money on workouts and diet books! Muscle and Fitness keeps you up to date every month with new workouts, the latest info on cardio, fat loss, and muscle gain, and nutrition. My workouts never get stale and never plateau because I pull out my M and F magazine and choose a new routine or change cardio and diet when needed. If you want to look good then you will have to work hard and if you don't want to put the time into doing it then pick up a magazine like Men's Fitness or Exercise. The M and F workouts can be adjusted...generally atleast one hour per day working out several days a week. I don't always recoup that fast so I don't...

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