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National Geographic

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Since 1888, the magazine of the National Geographic Society has brought the world home to millions of readers through brilliantly vivid photographs, illustrated maps and compelling stories that bring natural history, culture, science and the various regions of the globe to life.

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Customer Reviews

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    An outstanding magazine

    Who doesn't know National Geographic? Despite the term 'national' in the title, this is a publication that has an international reputation, and has set its sights on exploring every inch of the globe, and beyond. School children everywhere use National Geographic as a resource. It is a periodical, however, that goes far beyond the school library. Interesting, erudite, broad-ranging and fascinating (in addition to being, dare I say it, educational), National Geographic has something for everyone.

    Articles involve history, culture, sociology, biology, architecture, archaeology, and physical science in addition to the trademark item, geography. Recent issues...

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    the greatest?

    Is it safe to say that National Geographic is the finest magazine in the world? OK. I'll go out on a limb and say it: "National Geographic is the finest magazine in the world." There. I've said it. You simply cannot beat the always compelling writing about far-off and far-out places and thing, the stunning photography and the unobtrusive design that allows the reader to concentrate on both. Bonus: Maps! National Geographic usually has a few issues a year that feature suitable for the office wall-type maps. Who doesn't love maps? Never subscribed? Look for 3-4 long (probably about 6,000-8,000 words) features per issue. Each feature impecably written, painstakingly...

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    Current events, Geography, History, Science, Biology...more

    This is a magizine which I look forward to reading each month. This is also the only magizine which I keep subscription to over years. Usually, I simply get one years worth of any magizine since articles tend to repeat themselves. Not so with National Geographic. I enjoy this magizine so much that I even get the slipcovers National Geographic sells to keep the magizines and maps organized and neat on my shelves(I also reccomend getting the slipcovers for anyone who wants to keep your collection organised)

    As a child, I would read my parents extensive collection of National Geographic magizines month after month, and read back issues for the wonderful...

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