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Natural History

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

This magazine is geared toward an educated, professional readership of scholars and scientists, but the engrossing, easy-to-understand stories and brilliant photography in Natural History hold appeal for anyone interested in the biological and natural sciences. From anthropology to zoology, this publication brings the latest in scientific news and research to life.

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Customer Reviews

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    Eclectic and informative

    Published monthly, this is the official magazine of the American Museum of Natural History. I get it because I'm a member of the museum, but would recommend it even to people who live too far from New York City to visit the museum.

    The articles are written for the educated layperson--they assume you know what a dinosaur is, but won't throw chemical formulas at you. The general tone is "here's something interesting that we'd like to share with you." "Natural history" is an old name for a science that has now been split up into, among others, zoology, anthropology, and geology. The museum, and the magazine, are interested in all...

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    Excellent source for nature fans

    Subscribing to Natural History was one of the best things that I have ever done. It is insightful, knowledgeable, and has plenty of resources that you can refer to. There are articles on fossils, ancient tribal races, marine biology, anything you can think of that has to do with nature with relation to current and past times. Unlike Discover, which covers a broad range of sciences, Natural History consists mostly of specific topics. If you don't like Natural History, which I highly doubt, try Discover instead. If that doesn't work, then probably Popular Science would be it. These three magazines cover just about every science topic you can think of.


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    Finest Popular Magazine on Natural History

    "Natural History" is the official popular journal published by the American Museum of Natural History, the oldest - and largest - museum of natural history in the Western Hemisphere and without question, one of the world's greatest museums. In its pages it has featured brilliant essays by the likes of Roy Chapman Andrews, Margaret Mead, and Stephen Jay Gould, to name but a few of the many eminent scientists - both museum staff and outsiders - who have contributed superb articles on natural history to this magazine. It has retained an emphasis on scientific discovery, publishing articles pertaining to ecology and other aspects of evolutionary biology (including...

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