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Ranger Rick

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

The award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation makes learning about the natural world WILD FUN! Each issue is packed with everything kids love. Amazing animals, photos, fun facts, crafts, puzzles and more! Includes Junior Membership in the National Wildlife Federation. Suitable for children 7 & up.

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Customer Reviews

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    Don't let your child miss out on this one.

    I am utterly astounded that no more than four people have actually reviewed this item, me being the fourth. Does this mean that there are so few people out there who are not aware of Ranger Rick? If you are one of those, then sit back and check out one of the grandest children's magazines on the market. But beware, parents can become addicted too.

    The National Wildlife Federation, Ranger Rick magazine is an outstanding adventure for people of all ages. This months (October) issue is surrounding the cat. Not just house cats either. And can you guess why the cat is a hot topic? Because of HaLLoWeeN!! Boo.

    The Halloween cover is of a black cat....

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    My Childhood Favorite

    I am 21 years old now, and I used to get this magazine. It was a gift from my grandma and grandpa. I used to count down the days before my next one would come. Sometimes it was 28 days, sometimes only 20. I would mark it off on the calendar and everything. I would always open to the free poster first and look at it on the walk back to the house. Then I would read what seemed the most interesting article first, (usually the one about the main animal) and then my next favorite and so on. The only thing I didn't ever, ever read was the adventures of Ranger Rick stories. For some reason those never appealed to me. But at the end of reading it I would...

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    Boy's Love to Read It!

    My son takes this book to school hidden in his note book just so he can read all about his favorite animals and share this information, great pictures, stories and facts with the rest of the boy's at his lunch table. The teacher's don't mind because the magazine is full of great pictures and information on science, animals and natural environmentally issues, even the girl's enjoy reading and looking at this magazine. He really looks forward to receiving it in the mail every month and pretty much has it timed to the exact delivery date. Also, it was a Birthday gift from his Grandmother and he thanks her every time he gets one, calling her and telling her...

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