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Shooting Sportsman

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Shooting Sportsman is the magazine dedicated to wingshooting and fine guns. Top writers and photographers plus shooting experts bring you the best on topics ranging from upland hunting and waterfowling to gun collecting and sporting clays. Profiles of fellow wingshooting enthusiasts and gun owners and historians make this publication indispensable for all those who consider themselves avid sportsmen!

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Customer Reviews

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    Shooting Sportsman-It's worth reading

    I began reading this a few years ago after looking for a source for technical information on shotgun shooting. Some of my favorite writers, Bruce Buck and Michael McIntosh write for Shooting Sportsman. I enjoy the articles on shooting tips, gun smithing, dog training and guns. I read a couple of great articles on the importance of Moment of Inertia. They explained what is good MOI, how to measure it, how to modify it and gave values for a number of guns. I followed the instructions, modified the balance on my shotgun and perceived an improvement in its balance. After that, I was convinced of the value of the magazine.

    Shooting Sportsman...

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    Clinton administration attack on our fading rights

    Clinton administration attack on more of our fading rights:

    To begin, I do not subscribe to Shooting Times, However, I am an outdoor sportsman. I don't know when golf became anything other than a past-time, I don't watch foobah, or basetbah, or basbah. I do believe that the 30-06 I own is probably the best all around calibre rifle anyone can own. As regards the most recent attempts to dis-arm law abiding citizens, such as myself, I believe the federal government is attempting to hood-wink the more emotional amongst us into believing that fire arms can be "idiot-proofed". Idiots are extremely clever, they can overcome any obstacle put in...

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