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Spin Magazine

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

For contemporary rock & roll fans! spin concentrates on personalities who are shaping youth culture and combines contemporary information with an essence of fun. Topics include videos, records, new talent & current trends.

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Customer Reviews

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    The way records were meant to be heard.

    Spin magazine has become a front runner of insightful, entertaining and informative music and entertainment magazines. It has become tight and valid competition with Rolling Stone the original music mag. I always enjoy their reviews, articles, fantastic pictures, interviews and movie news (although I wish it was a bit more thorough).
    They have always given strong support to indie bands and one of my favorites Radiohead. Their Best of issues are always the best and their illustrations and cover art are second to none.
    I have loved their 40 best albums, 40 best bands, 40 most influential bands issues as well as an article on Saddle Creek records...

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    Much easier to digest than an issue of rolling stone.

    And for my money a better deal, better magazine, better writing, beter everything.

    This or alternative press are the best AND most affordable music magazines that there are out there. (the only music magazine I'm a bigger fan of is cmj new music monthly which comes with a cd of new music every month..sadly it's not sold in stores anywhere anymore but i regress)

    Really there's not a whole lot else to say if you've never read this magazine you should probably check an issue out before subscribing but I don't see how anyone could hate it.

    If you are in love with rolling stone magazine than spin isn't for you because it's...

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    What can I say?

    What can I say? I bought this as a gift for my 16 year old son, he loves it....and so does my 21 year old daughter. I've even found an article or two that I've enjoyed as well :)

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