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The hottest youth surfing magazine around, dedicated to the surfer and the pursuit that defines their lives. Highlights include extraordinary action images - including aerials and deep barrel views - shot by today's best surfing photographers, the best locales, profiles of the stars of the sport, boards and gear, plus the coolest books and music.

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Customer Reviews

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    Surfing, Surfer, What's the difference?

    Well who cares, who can get enough surf coverage? They both print different stories with great photography. They both usually come with posters to hang on your wall and insights of where to plan that exotic trip next winter. The only real difference is the price; surfER is less by a couple of bucks. But hey why not get both. Surfing is the magazine that not everyone subscribes to. They haven't been around as long as surfer, but you wouldn't be able to tell that by reading the articles and looking at the pictures.

    To be quite honest, you forget which one you're reading when you subscribe to both so it really doesn't make a difference which one you...

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    My favorite monthly read.

    I have been subscribed to this magazine for almost a year now. I used to read through it in a pharmacy or grocery store. After several years of reading of this magazine I have never been disappointed with an issue. All of the features are simple to read and informative. The photography is downright breathtaking sometimes and laid out very well. Each issue comes with a free poster. I look forward to checking my mail at college to get my touch of surfing until the next time I go home. It helps satisfy those cravings for surf when I'm away at college. God bless the workers on the staff.

    Yes ...

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    The Standard

    Surfing is my favorite magazine. I've been surfing since I was 18 and having moved up to Northern California I do miss the tropical southern california days. Reading surfing keeps me motivated on those rainy cold days up here. Great photography and the stories of surf missions let me live vicariously!

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