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The Nation

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Founded in 1865, The Nation is America's oldest weekly magazine, the flagship of the Left, and now the country's most widely read journal of opinion. Published to inform the national debate on critical issues of the day, The Nation seeks to enlighten and empower a community of concerned citizens and influential readers.

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Customer Reviews

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    An Insightful, Well-Researched Journal of America and the World Today

    While many mainstream publications have been shying away from calling members of the current American government into account for their transgressions - from bribery and theft to misinformation and cover-ups of sexual escapades - "The Nation" has done its job and reported the facts. For its trouble, many of those who lean the same way as the current administration lambast the magazine as "too liberal" and "naively progressive."

    So let's put it this way: If you value truth over lies and think the rights of "the little guy" are just as important as the rights of fat cats, you will like "The Nation." But be warned -- "The Nation" is rife with...

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    the real nation

    This publication owes nothing to no one. It tackles complex subjects with the assumption that the reader is intelligent enough to follow the text. It is such a joy to read thoughtful indepth articles about the big story--and all the little stories underneath. I read The Nation when I was young and I am still reading it in my middle age. What a pleasure to hear news without catch phrase or the latest missused hyperpole. I donate to this publication and I would think that anyone who discovers it ( or re-discovers it) would do the same. I am so pleased to be part of The Nation's continuing quest to enlighten and challenge.

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    Nation Magazine

    One of the best lefty publications available. An ideal balance to say the Weekly Standard for the thoughtful few who actually try to stray from the choir of the left or the choir of the right and form their own opinions.
    The Nation is well written and read by itself, the Nation has the potential to harden your brain into lockstep with the arguments of the leftwing. It also has the potential to open you brain if you find yourself in a rightwing routine.
    Get it, read it and then find a balance.

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