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The only teen magazine that captures the energy, attitude and interests of young women today.

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Customer Reviews

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    Another magazine with my favorite star...then......BOMB....

    I just once bought it because Jessica Simpson was on the cover of the February 2004 issue. I collect all magazines with her on the cover, I thought this one would be the same TONS of advertisements and stupid fashion and make-up advice! But, No! I fell in love with the magazine it has boy advice, questions about your body you'd perfer not to ask your mother, and great quizzes. I recommend this magazine for girls 13-16! It is defenitely my fav magazine! If you haven't already looked at it go out and buy it now! You'll love it! Its not all about celebritys theres also a section where pros answer quesyions about your body and the general things you may need...

    • Rating
    *Very Cool*

    I think this magazine is really good. It gives you all the latest gossip on the best stars. It even answers your Questions about some of the tabloids like:Are Jessica & Nick really over? - I think it's pretty wholesome too. The make-up tips are great. It's the average teen girl's fave mag.

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    Twist Magazine

    I think that J-14 and Pop Star Magazines are better. But I say this is a 4-star rating to me. It gives you cool info on the latest celebrities. They have some celebrities tell you it's okay if you have like getting your period or growing breasts at a young age, and said that they had stuff like that too when they were like in Junior High. I didn't really expect that but that was nice of them to share that with the public. They also have the hot boys section, which is kinda ewwww for my age though. They have the fasion section, some teen's hilarious and embarrising stories section, quizes and sooo much more that I can't remember. If you're 13 or younger,...

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