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Vanity Fair

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

This upscale publication attracts a dual audience with it's monthly themed issues. Most notable is the beauty and style of of Vanity Fair attracting both urban and suburban socialites and aspirationals. When you pick up an issue of Vanity Fair, you always know you'll be satisfied with it's in-depth investigative journalism and thoughtful and thought provoking articles and features.

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Customer Reviews

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    Vanity Fair: The Upscale Us Weekly

    There must be some kind of magic charm on the camera lens of Annie Liebowitz. As a contributing editor of Vanity Fair, she consistently manages to capture a unique and utterable presence of well-known celebrities in a way that your average paparazzi cannot. Thus you have some basic principles of Vanity Fair- it is a classy magazine that covers as much, if not sometimes more dirt than your average tabloid magazine. With in depth stories on today’s top stars, Vanity Fair covers top stories without seeming ridiculously obscene and over the top, as other magazines today can feel.

    Get The Best Stories and Best Pictures, Bar None
    This has...

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    I can't wait for this one!

    I used to subscribe to Vanity Fair, but don't anymore. It never came quickly enough. I would see the magazine in the racks at the local bookstore and couldn't wait for it to show up in my mailbox. Yes, I'm paying more than I would otherwise, but it's worth it.

    Vanity Fair is a magazine that has something for almost everyone. It's in depth articles and beautiful photographs are worthy of a place on a bookshelf -- mine, in fact, are lined up in order dating from 1996.

    The March 2000 issue included:

    Just Great Friends -- an article about the friendship between Rupert Everett and Madonna -- it was much more entertaining and fresh that...

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    An Intelligent Read

    I consistently buy Vanity Fair because the quality of the articles is excellent.

    Recently, the magazine has been redesigned. This redesign appears to have been done to make Vanity Fair more appealing to younger readers. I am a 24 year old female, however, I often share the magazine with my parents and male and female friends-- all of whom find it intelligent and interesting. Plus, the beautiful pictures from photographers like Herb Ritts add to the look of the magazine.

    I find Christopher Hitchens' writing particularly good. He manages to apply his acerbic wit and obvious intelligence to all of his topics (from setencing minors to death,...

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