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W Magazine

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Do you wait with baited breath for each new collection from Calvin Klein, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana? W will show you the latest styles, hot off the runway. A magazine for the contemporary woman who's interested in the most current fashion and style trends, W is as lavish and extravagant as the designs it showcases. Fashion shows and events, profiles of designers and celebrities, and stunning photography complete W's colorful package.

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Customer Reviews

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    Why this magazine rocks.......

    This magazine is the absolute best around for fashion. It hits every huge and upcoming trend way before it comes out. A lot of people seem to be griping about how expensive everything is and how you can only be a millionaire to dress like that. However I love this magazine not for the fact that its chock full of expensive designer clothes, but for the styles and fantastic outfits themselves. There are a million ways to use ideas from this magazine and work them into your wardrobe. There are plenty of cheaper options like vintage clothing stores and customizing sale items- all to get the coveted designer look that W illustrates with absolute perfection....

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    It's Quite Possibly the World's Fashion Bible.

    "W" magazine is such an important staple in the world of fashion, that even guys like me can't help but read it. To call this a women's magazine would really be unfair, for it offers in-depth articles on the fashion industry, profiles on celebrities, and an excellent supplement for men published on a quarterly basis. This men's supplement offers fashion info that's hip and contemporary, but not trendy enough to spook the average American male. As with all fashion magazines, "W" could feature more models of color on their cover, but that's a relatively small gripe compared to the wealth of good stuff this magazine offers. Overall, bravo the folks at "W"...

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    This isn't just a fashion magazine!!

    I had a subscription to this magazine for a few years. It's more of an fashion industry insider view of the fashion world than a buyers guide.

    I used to be a fashion photography major and I loved the visual images in this magazine. I have used this magazine for more than just looking at fashion photography, I have used the beautiful images as inspiration for my artwork, both pencil and ink and oil.

    Great for fashion afficionados and for artists!!

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