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Western Horseman

Note: This subscription is a North American edition, unless otherwise indicated in title.

Of all of the horse magazines, Western Horseman is known as the leading under its category of publications. Since its founding in 1936, Western Horseman has been referred to as "The World's Leading Horse Magazine" and "America's Favorite Horse Magazine." This monthly publication is rooted in the traditions and customs of western horsemanship. Its editorial objective is to thoroughly and accurately educate readers on the essential knowledge of owning, riding, and training horses. Every issue of Western Horseman also delivers the latest in riding gear for those owners who are interested in updating their equipment or for the new equine owner. This is a well-rounded horse magazine that always includes colorful photography of charming ranches and beautiful breeds. The special interest stories about Western lifestyle and articles on the region's culture additionally contribute to the overall pleasing aesthetic of Western Horseman.

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Customer Reviews

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    The BEST All Around Horse Magazine Period

    The BEST All Around Horse Magazine Period - Also The BEST current price. If a horse owner can only have one equine related magazine this is is the ONE I would recommend. I believe they have been in business since 1938 and know what they are talking about, in an entertaining non-technical manner. Excellent photos, with horse health, some show AND trail riding information.

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    The classic horseman's magazine!!

    I can't remember when I started reading Western Horseman. My mother had a subscription back in the fifties, even though we had Arabians and half-Arabians. As the title suggests, Western Horseman is a magazine for western horsemen. Back in the fifties you wouldn't see an English saddle in the magazine. However, I read it cover-to-cover then and I read it that way now. Even during the time I couldn't own a horse, I read Western Horseman. Nowdays, they occasionally include a horse with an English or, more likely, an Australian or Endurance saddle among all those western stock seat saddles. But that is fine. Western Horseman is what it claims to be, the premier...

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    The best horse magazine

    Western Horseman is the premier horse magazine, with articles on all aspects of horses and horsemanship from trailers and trailering to horse packing, shoeing, disease and parasite control as well as special focus pieces on the different breeds of horse. If you like the outdoors and horses, you will love this magazine.

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