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Womens Health

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Women’s Health is the must-read magazine for women who want to live life to its fullest. Every issue of the magazine is a manual to better, healthier living in two key respects—physically and emotionally. Women’s Health magazine is your source of information on fitness, nutrition, sex and relationships, style, beauty and more. With success strategies, fitness tips and fashion and career advice, the magazine encourages readers to take charge and conquer all aspects of life. Each issue has something different to offer, such as healthy, delicious recipes and fun weekend activity ideas. Edited for a well-rounded readership, Women’s Health focuses on providing realistic goals and covering the issues most relevant to today’s modern woman.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Substance over artifice.

    I only recently picked up on this magazine and so I feel behind the times. What is possibly ironic is that for the last couple of years I would pick up the occasional copy of Men's Health because I felt that I was finally getting up to date articles on FDA approved diets, foods, vitamins and other health related OTC drugs, as well as updated fitness routines. Thankfully the same information can be found and how it relates to a woman's system here.

    I've also read the one and two star reviews of the magazine and the reviews that condemn this magazine and touted 'Shape' instead left me scratching my head. I had a subscription for several years...

    • Rating
    Lots of valuable information/tons to read

    One of the best health/fitness/diet/beauty magazines around - each page chock full of important/interesting and helpful tips. It is one of the few magazines around that has something new and worth reading on every page! One of my favorite reads!

    • Rating
    Great Buy

    I bought a couple other magazines as I just really started making a serious effort to be fit and wanted some inspiration as well as some information. I bought Oxygen and Fitness - which I think ended up as me paying to read someone's ads - I had just flipped through the mags before I bought them and wished I had really read a few pages first. There are so many ads there for losing weight that you get lost and confused. I then saw this other magazine Women's Health Training Guide 2007 and picked that up - it was exactly what I wanted. It has articles, recipes, exercises that I can do inbetween going to the gym, and most of all it inspires me to stay active....

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